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Our open approach uses intelligence gathering and experience, our dedicated team will not only ensure that you receive a meaningful service, but we'll provide a powerful road map to the success of implementation.

We take you through a smooth customer journey and help you understand what it all means. Digital technology comes in a different language with different levels of capabilities. If we can measure it, we can use it. And we love to measure results!

We offer a range of services to keep you aware of what's going on. At Agoryum we approach our clients and projects with absolute thought, care and attention to the smallest detail.

Our customer retention is 98% - we aim for 100%, for only then we will be truly satisfied.



Honest and thorough planning are the keys to suc- cess. We think carefully about the problems that need solving and discuss our approach with you before we get started.

It's essential that the scope is clear, objectives understood and everyone knows what will be delivered.

Planning does not occur until a thourough review and understanding of each goal and objective is clear.

Planning pairing teams are created, orientation hap- pens and ideas are exchanged. Thereafter, architec- ture teams are formed, technical documents created, and finally teams for technical implementation commences.



We communicate with all the people that will be in- volved in the implementation of any project. We keep instructions clear and concise (especially those provided to your development team) and provide email and phone support for the duration of all our projects.

We love to keep connected and we are big believers that communication is the key to any successful campaign!

Presale communication includes; client input, tweaks and modifications. We obtain full client buy in and acceptance before launch of all campaigns.

Post sale communication includes an assigned account relationship manager and technical project manager for campaigns duration.



We provide in-house training to ensure your digital marketing team learns the skills required to keep them at the forefront of your digital marketing campaigns.

On-going training is a vital in-house process that- keeps us in rhythm with our clients needs. Under- standing their growth patterns every step of the way keeps our relationships strong, understood and clear.

Becoming your extended team means becoming part of your organization, your culture and ethos.



For our desktop and enterprise clients our support efforts are "top shelf". Whether you are seeking around the clock support, "during business hours", after hours and weekend support we have a product solution for you.

Our tiered approach covers just about all client interests and needs. We offer a 24/7 Platinum Tier, evening and weekend Gold Tier and extended hours Silver Tier suite of services.

Our support team provides email, phone, SKYPE, video conferencing and in office training.


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